Ocean Pals


To encourage young people to become aware of and share their concerns for the marine environment through poster art. Their messages will be brought to the widest possible audience to create a stronger commitment to protect the very environment on which all life on this planet depends.
2015  POSTER THEME: "My Wetlands - Water is Life"

Wetlands are the link between land and water, and are among the most productive ecosystems in the world. Some common names for different types of wetlands are swamp, marsh and bog. Depending on the type of wetland, it may be filled mostly with trees, grasses, shrubs or moss. To be called a wetland, an area must be filled or soaked with water at least part of the year. Some wetlands are actually dry at certain times of the year.

2015 Ocean Pals Contest Rules

Click the link below for the 2015 Poster Contest Rules and Enrollment Form.
Entry deadline December 22, 2014
1st Place Regional - 2nd grade Kevin McAfee, Jacksonville, FL - St Marks School
1st Place Regional - 4th grade Maitri Patel
Panama, FL - N. Bay Haven Charter

1st Place Regional - 7th grade German Perez, Tampa, FL - Orange Grove Middle School
1st Place Regional - 12th grade Olivia Manzone, Casselberry, FL - Lyman High School
1st Place Regional Computer Graphics - 12th grade - Michael Ruckley Orlando, FL - Edgewater High School