Florida Skin Divers Association
FSDA is proud to announce we are the official host for USOA 2018 Spearfishing Nationals!
Click here for 2018 Spearfishing Nationals details
Click here for 2018 USOA Nationals Registration

​For link to FL State Championship for FSDA club qualifiers go to FL State Freedive Spearfishing Championships
 Comprised of dive clubs located throughout Florida, The Florida Skin Diver's Association (FSDA) promotes
the sport of freediving and SCUBA through various events such as educational seminars,
spearfishing tournaments and  photo / video tournaments.
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Florida State
Spearfishing Records
The Florida Skin Divers Association is proud to announce the official FSDA State Spearfishing Records, Presented by Speared Apparel. 
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