Florida Skin Divers Association
2019 Fall Freedive Classic
2019 FSDA Fall Freedive Classic Registration.pdf
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The Florida Skin Divers Association invites all Freedive Spearfisherman, Woman, Juniors and Pole Spearfisherman to participate in the competition and camaraderie of the “2019 FSDA Fall Freedive Spearfishing Classic.” This one-day tournament will be held at the Anclote River Park boat ramp in Holiday, Florida on Saturday, October 19, 2019.

Agenda / Rules:
1. This Tournament will be a one-day tournament held on Saturday, October 19, 2019 at the Anclote River Park.
2. Registration will be held on the day of the tournament from 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM.
3. The cost will be $35.00 per diver plus F.S.D.A. Membership for non-F.S.D.A members of $20.00.
4. No diving limits. Divers may dive anywhere in the Gulf of Mexico, as long as they leave and return to the Anclote River Park boat ramp by boat, via the water.
5. All competitors must possess and present a valid State of Florida Fishing License to compete in the competition.
6. All Divers and Captains are Required to attend The Tournament Briefing / Captains Meeting, that will be held on the boat ramp dock at 7:30 AM Sharp.
7. This Tournament will start at 8:00 AM and end at 4:00PM. At 7:40 AM after the Captain’s Meeting, boats may safely leave the dock and head out Anclote Pass. All boats will stop at a safe location outside Anclote Pass and wait to be counted. Once all boats are accounted for, the tournament director will signal the start, and boats may leave from the staging area and begin hunting. All competitors must be back at the boat ramp dock and in the weigh-in line, no later than 4:00 PM.
8. All teams fish must be in weigh-in line by the 4:00 PM cut off time. In the event of a busy ramp, the boat may drop off one diver to check-in their team.
9. Boats are the sole responsibility of each competitor. Breakdowns of any type are no excuse for not returning to the dock in time for the 4:00 PM cut off. Any competitor that arrives at the weigh-in line after 4:00 PM cut-off may be disqualified.
10. All fish belong to the competitors.
11. Awards will be given to the top three aggregate scores, The Grunt Whisperer, and The Largest Fish. All awards will be presented following the weigh-in.
12. The Eligible Species List is as follows (only one of each may be weighed in):
1.Cobia - 33" (only 2 per boat)
2.Kingfish - 24"
3.Blackfin tuna
4.Gag Grouper - 24" TL
5.Black Grouper - 24" TL
6.Red Grouper – 20” TL
7.Scamp Grouper – 16” TL
8.Mangrove Snapper - 12" TL
9.Cubera Snapper - 12" TL
10.Yellowtail Snapper – 12” TL
12.Black Sea Bass - 10" TL
13.Hogfish - 12" Fork
14.Sheephead - 12" TL
16.Flounder - 12" TL
19.Bonita (Little Tuny)
20.Amberjack – 34”
21.Almaco Jack
22.Rainbow Runner
23.African Pompano - 24" (only 2 per boat)
24.Permit - 11" (only 2 per boat over 22" can be weighed-in)
25.Spanish Mackeral
26.Yellow Jack
27.Jack Cravalle
28.Horse Eye Jack
29.Blue Runner
30.Flying Fish
33.Five grunts (these do not count for points, only Grunt Whisperer trophy)
13. All fish lengths are to the fork unless specified by Total Length “TL”
14. Scoring: 10 points per fish, 1 point per pound (No Max) 1 fish per category. The highest aggregate point total wins. Example: 7 fish turned in x 10 points per fish = 70 points. 56 lbs total weight = 56 points. Total points = 126 points.
15. Any infraction of any Florida State or Federal Law will result in disqualification.
16. Fish must be in fresh iced condition when presented to the weigh master.
17. The Grunt Whisperer Competition will be calculated separately from the main competition on the diver that presents the five largest Grey Grunt aggregate.
18. The Big Fish Competition will be calculated separately at the end of the weigh-in. Competitors wishing to enter their largest fish from the eligible fish categories may do so once all of the teams have weighed their days catch. Heaviest fish wins.
19. Disqualification: Violation of any State Laws, Unsportsmanlike conduct, or tournament rules may result in disqualification.
20. Protest: Any diver or boat driver may file a protest with the tournament chairperson. A protest committee will be formed. The tournament Chairperson will vote as a tie breaker if necessary. All decisions of this committee are final.
21. Observers are not required: This tournament is for honor. Be sure that you are deserved to be honored, and follow all of the rules.
22. This is a fun competition, please dive safe and enjoy the day.
23. Make all entry fee checks payable to “Florida Skin Divers Association”.